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Someone asked for a picture of the tattoo Misha drew on me- so here it is, and here’s the story.

At Dallas Con in 2013, I decided to go out on a limb and ask Misha to draw on me. I have lots of scars on this arm, and I wanted to cover them up with something that would be uplifting.

So at the cocktail party, I brought a Sharpie and asked the girls at my table if it would be okay if I asked Misha to do this; they were awesome in that they not only didn’t mind, but they asked Misha for me before I could even get the words out.

Misha said he’d do it, and I sat beside him and offered my arm, though it was too dark to see the scars. I threw the idea out there of him drawing angel wings and…he started drawing a fish. I was pretty confused till he added the wings and halo and deemed it an “angelfish”. I went and got the tattoo the next day, so it was pretty much exact.

So this year, I wanted so badly to thank him that I decided to go for the meet and greet, and I actually won a spot. When he saw the tattoo, he actually held my arm to get a closer look, and said it was awesome. :D I got to not only say thank you, but also explain why I asked him to do the drawing in the first place- to which he responded with a very tight hug.

So yeah, that’s the whole story. And it worked- every time I glance at my arm, I don’t think of the scars. I think of random acts of kindness, I think of the wonderful insanity of GISHWHES, and it reminds me to be a better person and gives me strength.

Plus, I always laugh when I think about the fact that I have an awful pun tattooed on my arm. :P

Seattle Trip 2014 - Seafood, hiking, and football. 

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